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Sortilèges - Giandra de Castro -44 - DSC01128

Sortilèges - Giandra de Castro -44 - DSC01128

ARTwork #223881 certified by ArtTrust®

The story of this artwork :
I went to a photo shooting to the lake Lac Vert, in the French Alps (Haute Savoie).
This day the lake was almost totally frozen.

As I usually do, I stayed hours looking at the surface of the lake, listening to the Water stories, trying to see further than the immediate perception of the landscape. Then it appeared, just perfect : the mind mountain.

I am always observing this inner tension between imagination and rationalization when I see such details, such fragments of reality reflected in the water.

In this water fragment I saw a mountain shape in a deep black, covered with snow just like the top of the mountain that the reflection did not show. Showing by not showing, mixing real snow with the mountain shape created by the mind, and with reflections of the mountain trees : mind, reflection and reality together, this is what I contemplated a long time.

The hues, tones and texture in this picture, when printed in large format, are unique. Deep, rich, they appeal directly to my guts. I wanted to crack a part of the 3-dimensional mountain that pops from the snow. I wanted to crack it and eat it, just like it happened to me, very surprisingly, in front of a picture from Pierre Soulages, a deep and tasty thick black, full of light.

I have been inspired by the light that we can find in deep black, and I found this deep black water in the lake reflections.

In this picture, we look both at the ground, where the lake is, and at the top, where the mountain is.

As such, the photograph is some kind a cubist composition, where we can see from different angles at a time.

We look from on top and from below, and in any case we dive into the heights !

The horizontality and Verticality perfectly blend, and we can even see the horizontal depths of the trees.
Details of matter floating on the surface blends with the colors of the deep water, and with the outside reflections.

The smooth texture of the wa