LENSCULTURE portfolio Review : ATLANDIDA by Giandra de Castro

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Hello Giandra.

You are obviously a skilled photographer with a strong sense of what is happening around you.


As you walk the edge of the shore with your camera you capture the energy, movement, and beauty of whatever is around you, especially in the visual abstractions created by the reflections on the water’s surface.

Your photography clearly embodies a sense of space and color, of expressing the effects of humans on health of the water and the energy of colors in this waterfront environment. And, I think you are working on making photos in a unique, artistic, and poetic way. 

There are a lot of other visual dimensions going on in the images. I see the sense of converging lines in some of the images, as the mind travels across the green patterns of light that ultimately express painterly, organic images of the structures created by the surrounding forests. At the same time the vibrancy of color communicates a sense of hope and beauty of the painterly scenes. There is a sense that the vitality in the vivid colors that invite curious viewers to explore these unique places. From this perspective, the scenes are dream-like and magical, as if one could visualize these places only with their eyes closed. There is a kaleidoscope of dynamic landscapes and gesture.

The photos also show us a glimpse of the relationship between making images and the experiences, the emotions, and the perceptions you have during your time with your camera and the places where you find these scenes. In this way the images are very meaningful. For me they talk about the way humans can create order from chaos. They also tell us about the vitality and excitement that can be found within water, the trees, the mountains, the shoreline, and the humans scattered within some of the compositions (1, 5, and 6). In contrast you include photos that communicate calm, serenity and silence.

To portray these scenes you capture visual layers of imagery – colors, light, and shadow overlapping subjects, composed together to communicate the feeling of being at these scenes alone. Your use of composition creates a sense of stillness. In all your photos you captured light in a way that the photos tell stories, using color, composition, and the frozen moment. The appearance of these photos is as though we are looking through windows, from ground level, out onto the water’s surface.

These photos in your series show the viewer image-captures of moments when you were aware and no one else was. You have a sharp ability to highlight moments in your surroundings that show us your feeling, mood, and understanding of the situation. These moments could be described as “poetic” and I think your images certainly are poetic. In a sense, you are saying, “this is what I saw in a fleeting instant while the everything in these watery landscapes were alive with color and light – in stillness.”

The more I look at these photos, the more I see that the compositions of the images seem layered with translucency, vivid colors, and luminosity. It causes the eye to switch back from figure to ground and back again. There is a kaleidoscope of reflections, lights and darks and lines that lead the eye masterfully throughout the photos. The eye looks for details and is rewarded the more the viewer studies. I appreciate this creative approach to the subject. It is unique and rewarding to see!

Your images are very dynamic. Your images prove that focusing in and investigating with your camera can yield very exciting results and who knows where it will lead. Also, don’t feel like you need to be married to the photography world.



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